The Caveman


I think that in a former life I was man – a hunter/gatherer type of man. I came to this conclusion early this morning as I was scavenging around the local farmer’s market. I was digging through the vegetables, squeezing the fruit, eyeing the flowers…… After 25 minutes of sniffing, pinching, holding, and taste testing I headed toward the parking lot with my bounty (in a reusable organic tote of course).

I hit the door and proudly showed my loot. Fresh homemade baked Asiago bread, tomatoes, scones and organic homemade doggie biscuits….for a meager $17.50.

For just a moment I channeled Tom Hanks and wanted to yell “look what I have created!!!” Even though I didn’t really create it. But I felt as if in a way I had been to the garden to harvest my veggies and I had spent time slaving over the fire pit baking bread and fruit infused yummies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not delusional – I know I didn’t really come close to doing any of that – but just for a moment…..ya know……..

Anyway, I love farmer’s markets. I love the things that are offered and the friendliness and the sense of community when you are meandering around the tents. In truth the bargains probably aren’t all that spectacular, but in my mind they are. And, for just that moment, I’m a hunter/gatherer taking care of my family and bringing home the bounty.


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