The 4th Ring of Hell


I now believe it’s a bad omen when the weather forecast is simply…….HOT. And the prediction wasn’t even from a local radio station or newspaper….no, that was The Weather Channel’s official forecast for my neck of the woods for today. No partly cloudy, no high humidity….just HOT. This proved to be a lesson in trust for me.

11am. bike ride…..82 degrees. 12:00 beach time…..94 degrees. Parked car, under a shade tree…..99 degrees. Home to a wonderfully chilly house with a bit of an Arctic feel to it……69 degrees.  An ominous “CLICK” (*cue eerie music).

I got a bit too much sun on my face so at first the slight upswing in temperature was simply attributed to body temperature going up. When I felt the perspiration begin to trickle down my back I knew something was amiss. Jacob plods into the laundry room, opens the circuit box and lo and behold, the breaker is thrown for the A/C. We flip it back on, hear the unit kick on and go on our merry way. 10 minutes later……”CLICK”. Repeat the process…….. This goes on for about an hour with minor variations added in along the way. Ones that include a few expletives and frustration and “where’s my beer?” uttered along the way.

The realization quickly sets in that it’s much too hot to cook our special 1 year wedding anniversary dinner. The plan was a nice romantic dinner made together and maybe a movie afterwards.

We got in the car and headed to the ice cream shoppe.

Dinner consisted of French Silk ice cream with caramel sauce for Jacob and Coconut Pineapple ice cream with caramel sauce for me.

Tomorrow morning we’ll call the repairman, and tomorrow night we’ll have our special dinner. But, even though it certainly wasn’t what we had planned, something tells me this anniversary dinner we’ll never forget. And you can bet that from now on I’ll bad-mouth The Weather Channel forecasts a little less and trust them a little more.



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