A Picture Is Worth…….


I was sitting in the waiting room in the Tire and Lube Express at my local Walmart store today, browsing through a magazine to pass the time, when I stumbled upon an article that has been nagging at me all evening. Actually, to be completely accurate what I saw today was only a picture – but it triggered the memory somewhere in the library of my brain of an article that I recently read. Anyway, the picture was a close-up of Kim Kardashian with the focus of the photo being her engagement ring. Her $2 million dollar engagement ring.

So, I’m a girl. That ring is unbelievably, fantastically gorgeous. It’s huge and rectangular and perfectly clear. It’s amazing. Yes, I’m a girl – but I’m also what I believe to be a conscientious, knowledgeable ,compassionate citizen.   Therefore, while the girly-girl side of me wants to look at that ring and “oooh and aaah”, the rest of me is just frustrated and more than a little outraged.

Our country is obsessed with celebrities. Quite frankly, I’m not quite certain why the Kardashians are considered celebrities. I’ve really seen nothing that they do or contribute other than a reality (that’s no real person’s reality) show and  loads of money into the retail businesses…..they certainly do support shopping. Maybe I have missed some great contribution they have made – but the biggest thing I’ve seen is that they have Bruce Jenner as a step-dad.

I think what troubles me the most is the audacity of the ring. The money spent on that ring could make a better life for thousands of people. And she’s wearing it on her finger. It feels to me like she’s giving the finger to all the homeless and hungry people in her city……the finger with a huge diamond on it.

I’m certain she’s not the only “celebrity” that I would find issue with….it’s just that she’s headlining the magazines these days. I’m just frustrated. Our country is so concerned with celebrities and other countries’ homeless and hungry people and other countries’ disasters and if they are getting what we think they should have regardless of what they think………

What about our homeless people? What about our starving children? What about our babies that are growing up without families because we adopt so many babies from other countries? Don’t get me wrong. I’m compassionate – sometimes probably too much so. I don’t want people to suffer and my heart breaks for people experiencing tragedy.

When do we start taking care of our own?


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  1. God Bless You My Child!!!! This is the best blog you have written and I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU…..Our own people starving, homeless, lonely, desperate……how many homeless shelters would
    $2 Million support?? You make me proud!!

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