Age Is Just a Number


Birthdays are a big deal to me. They always have been. My mom and dad always did it up big for my special day and it usually started around 5am. Yesterday Jacob and I celebrated his birthday. We did a lot of fun things, had a really good time spending the day together and enjoyed festivities until late last night. But this got me to thinking…….

I’m an old soul. Jacob is not…..he “acts his age” when he needs to, he’s responsible, he has a good job, he takes care of business….but he is young at heart. He’s silly and funny and happy almost all the time. I have to work at this.

There are times (well, to be fair it’s most of the time), that he tells me to relax, have fun, enjoy life…… But you see, I am enjoying life, I am happy – I’m just not carefree I suppose. When does this happen to us? Did it happen when I had kids? I think maybe so. I was 21 years old when my oldest child was born. I was still a baby myself in a lot of ways. I grew up really fast from that moment on. People talk about “college days” and how wild and crazy and fun they were. My college days, when I finally got to finish college, were filled with carpools and wrestling practice and baseball practice and dance class and kids school projects and parent-teacher conferences……

I have fun, I really do. I’m just a quiet happy! Granted, there are times that I wish I could just let it go and be silly and carefree and not worry about anything at all, but really, how realistic is that? Does that mean that I’m a stick in the mud? I hope not.

I’m glad Jacob behaves the way he does, he keeps me balanced. I may not be goofy, but I’m slowly learning to let things go and just be. I think that’s the best goal I’ve set for myself lately – relax, let things go, enjoy every moment and just be. Maybe you should give it a try too……..


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  1. Im trying also…………maybe we will find that place together……… wouldn’t that be fun!!!!!! 🙂

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