I don’t understand people who skip out on their bill.

Tonight we were out for Jacob’s birthday. We have a great Irish Pub in our town and being that I’m Irish – I work like a homing pigeon with it. Anytime either one of us suggest going out, I quickly suggest the pub. Anyway, we had been there for quite some time – several hours. It was really busy….tonight was bike night. At one point we guessed that there were probably a minimum of 500 tattoos in the pub at that time.

So, the bar was busy. But this one guy – he looked like a really respectable middle age to older fella – was sitting on the other side of Jacob and had been drinking for about an hour. I noticed several beers that he had as well as several (more than 2), shots of Jameson. Now, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Irish Whiskey, but Jameson isn’t cheap. I’m guessing his bill was somewhere around $20.00. This guy had been chatting with a younger fella and suddenly asked him to watch his drink for him, then instead of heading toward the men’s room he bolted for the front door. The funniest part of this story is that the little bartender – I’m guessing she weighs about 120 – took off after him. She came back in about 3 minutes later, clutching a $20 dollar bill in her hand. She said, “it was only $$20, but I don’t want to pay his tab”. She went out on the street and caught him and got the money from him. Made me chuckle.

This got me to thinking about people who do things like that – ones who take things that aren’t theirs with no concern for how this will affect other people. What makes someone do something like that?

This in turn got me to thinking about the article I read about how Florida is now the first state to require drug testing for its citizens applying for welfare benefits. Again, I don’t understand the outrage over this. Why is it okay that the people working at jobs and making the money that supports the welfare system be drug tested to be allowed to work, but the people who are receiving the benefits from others hard work not be tested? Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t see the problem. Doesn’t it seem natural that they be tested? How is it unconstitutional? You must be drug free to work but not to receive the benefits of that work? Sheesh.

Everyday I’m surprised by the audacity of people. And, everyday I tell myself that I shouldn’t be surprised. I used to believe that in general people were good and honest and fair and at least a wee bit compassionate, but I’m really not so sure anymore. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think people are any of those things anymore. I do think there are some – and I happen to be fortunate enough to know a lot of them that still hold those values – but sadly I seem to always see the people who are trying to cheat someone out of something.

Where did our integrity go? I just don’t understand.


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  1. WOW……………….I MEAN WOW……………you hit the nail on the head…………can we send this
    to Washington?????? and Charleston…………….

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