Defensive at Dinner


Skinny waitresses annoy me. They’re intimidating but they seem to be everywhere – taunting me.

I really don’t like it when the young thing that shows up at my table is a virtual toothpick with perfect hair, long lashes and tanned skin. It’s really tough to order my double cheeseburger add mushrooms and a side of ranch from her. We were in an ice cream shoppe the other day and I ordered a strawberry cheesecake sundae with marshmallow and extra caramel……from a girl who may have been 17 and looked at me as if I were requesting an atomic bomb. Why is she working in an ice cream shoppe if she is morally offended by someone ordering a sundae big enough to feed three? And then there’s the buffet waitresses. If we go to a buffet filled with macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, gravy, cakes, brownies – well, you get the picture – why am I not greeted by a waitress who very clearly enjoys the food being served? Again, when they take away empty plate after empty plate I’m pretty certain I can feel the disdain in their fake smiles.

I know everyone is looking for jobs and I’m fully aware of the hard economic times we’re in. But really, for the love of all that’s good…..skinny girls, please start applying at health clubs, gyms, fitness stores, health food stores, bikini shops and all the other similar places where I will most likely never ever run into you.

Thanks so much.


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