Typically I look at Mondays with dread. In fact, I have been known to dread them so much that I will completely ruin my Sunday evenings. Not on purpose of course…’s just that I start thinking about the upcoming day and the start of a new week, and instead of enjoying the quiet Sunday evening I start to get frustrated and sullen and yes, sometimes even a bit bitchy.

So, I’ve decided to try something new. I’m going to try to see Monday as a fresh beginning – much like Spring. I’m going to try to stop focusing on all the crap that comes with a new work week and instead I’m going to think about the times that won’t be spent working. The times when we sit at the dinner table together, or when we play a game together, or watch a movie together, or take a walk or ride a bike or play with the dog or make homemade cupcakes or read a book or laugh at something funny that we said or talk about what we want to be when we grow up or just sit and look at the stars. (yes I know that was a ridiculously long run-on sentence, but it felt right)

There are so many big things that can frustrate and upset us. So many big things make us go down paths that we don’t really want to venture down and certainly hadn’t planned on. Oftentimes we focus on these big things so much that we forget that the things that are most important are usually the little ones. I know that I miss so many little wonderful moments because I’m so concerned about the big things….the Mondays.

So no more Mondays for me. I’m going to try to see every day as a Saturday filled with love and family and opportunities to make fantastic, breathtaking memories. Maybe you should give it a try too……have a wonderful Saturday – every day!



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