Quiet Hope


I do not know these people. And no, I’m not a stalker. But, I was at the park the other day and this little couple took up a seat near me. I was there with Jacob and the kids….the kids were playing in the creek, Jacob was reading…..I was reading, watching, listening….soaking it all in.

Something about this couple just drew me in. I found myself trying to steal glances at them. I wanted to watch them. They had a quiet solid presence about them. They just sat. In this picture I captured the moment when he draped his hand on her shoulder – I love it. The whole time we were there I didn’t see them talk but I did see him whisper something in her ear once and she chuckled and smiled. I would love to know what he said.

I don’t know how long they stayed there, they were still sitting and watching when we left for home. But, they’ve stayed with me. I find myself wondering about them. I wish I had introduced myself to them. We’ve been back to the park several times since then but I haven’t seen them anymore. That sweet couple made a lasting impression on me – by doing nothing other than being. When I think of them I imagine a lifetime of joys and sorrows, children, grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren, successes, failures, road trips, quiet home-cooked meals, vacations, fancy dinner parties, retirement……..and love. I could still see the love in their eyes that aging bodies had not diminished.

I want that to be me.


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