Locked Out


I love sports. All of them. I love baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, rugby, and football – especially football. But there is one really huge part of sports, well professional ones at least, that I really don’t like.

I hate lock-outs. It drives me crazy that already overpaid athletes whine like spoiled brats and take their balls and go home until they get what they want. There was a time when athletes could be respected and looked up to. It was okay to know that an athlete was your child’s hero because they weren’t being arrested for DUI’s or domestic battery or brandishing weapons or  – well, whatever mess they get themselves into. But now it feels like they are more an example of what not to do and be…..

So today I read about the upcoming basketball lock-out. Baseball did this a few years ago, football did it this year….. This is getting ridiculous. I love watching them, but I feel like I’m just a contributor to their arrogance and sense of entitlement. No person deserves to get paid what they do, especially to play a game. What kind of example does this set and what message does it send to our kids? It seems to be saying that teachers and doctors and trash collectors – the people who take care of us on a daily basis and prepare us for the future – aren’t anywhere near as important as an athlete. It’s sickening really.

So I’ve decided to take a personal stand. I’ve decided that if the NBA can’t get it together and if these silly lock-outs continue – I’m not going to watch a single professional basketball game this season. I’m not naive enough to think that it will really matter. It’s not like they’re going to miss a single spectator, but still….at least I will know that I’m taking a stand. I’ll go to the high school games and I’ll watch the college games…..truth be told, they’re more fun anyway.

I’m just done supporting entitlement and arrogance and basic brattiness. Now, if  you’ll excuse me, I need to check in on my fantasy football team…….


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