Monthly Archives: October 2011

Motivation Needed


Motivation is a funny thing. How do you get it?? Where does it come from?

I tend to think that my motivation is going to kick in if I make a to-do list. I’ll sit down, write out each item that needs to get done (not in any particular order), look at it, try to mentally prioritize…… Then, I choose the easiest least time consuming item, complete it if at all possible, cross it off and feel really good about drawing that line through at least one thing done. That’s typically where it ends. The list goes to the table, my butt goes to the chair – or sometimes the sofa – and my list of things to do goes undone.

I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself when the list never diminishes in length. The items may change, or at least offer variations from the day before, but by and large I always have about 10 or 12 things listed as “to-do”. And I’m tired…….I’m tired all the time these days. Nothing would make me happier than to be left in bed, or on the sofa for about 3 days. Just to sleep. Maybe watch a little television here and there, but mainly just sleep. I’m not grumpy, although I know it may come across that way…..I’m really just tired.

So tell me…..I need some pointers… do you get motivated?? What do you do to keep yourself going after a few of the items get crossed off of your list? Where do you find the energy?


Art Therapy


Have you ever looked at a piece of art that just moved you? Obviously, not physically moved you, although I guess that’s possible – but one that stirred you? I’ve recently had one of those moments.

I’m in Grad School and I’m fortunate enough to be taking an Art History course. I say fortunate because I love art. I love going to museums, I love strolling around galleries, I love peering in the windows of art shops……there is something about art that pulls me and makes me feel creative and grounded and rather earthy. So this Art History course is feeding me. I soak up all of the information and I remember all of the paintings and I immerse myself in the stories of the who and why of their creation.

I tell you all of this because I’m going to share a particular painting with you. I want you to look at it and think about it. I want you to put yourself in the place of the figure in the painting. I want you to experience it.

“Monk By the Sea” by Friedrich

Look at the vastness of the sky and the ocean. The barrenness of the shore. And, the lone monk. What is he thinking? What does he see? What is he feeling? Is he sad? Does he miss someone? Is he frustrated with life? Is he awestruck by the beauty in front of him? Is he lost? Or maybe found?

I think if you try you will be able to step into this painting. You will be able to stand on the shore and look at the awesome expanse of world in front of you. Just give it a try. Even if you’re not a fan of art. This may surprise you. For just a moment forget about the chores and the worries and the stress…… For just a moment become the monk.