Day 1……


So I’m a bit late writing this.

January 1st was a new menu item day. Irish Stew and Cornbread.

See, I’m Irish. I bleed green….well, that and gold and blue for the Mountaineers. But really…I feel my Irish roots deeply. I love to do traditional Irish cooking but it typically takes SO LONG that I end up taking a short cut. But not this particular day.

The grocery list:

Lamb, parsley, potatoes and onions. This isn’t a tough recipe to make – you just need to be patient.

It’s really very very delicious, and then we had cornbread to round out the stew. It is a definite “keeper”. Do you have those in your family? Recipes that you have tried and have deemed worthy of repeating for dinner? We have those. Admittedly there are some that don’t make the list….but I’m surprised at how many we keep. New things are good!!

There were 2 things that I really loved about this meal.

1. It was soul food, homemade with love and something that was comforting. I’m sure you’ve had meals like that – ones that just make you feel good. They are warm and comfortable and make you feel happy from the inside out. This is one of those, especially on a cold winter night.

2. This reminded me of home, of growing up, of smelling wonderful things coming from my grandma’s kitchen – things that were always Irish staples or variations of…. My grandma made everything from scratch and I learned to bake in the greatest little side portion to her oven. She had this oven that in addition to the regular oven had a side section that I believe was most likely intended for bread but my grandma deemed “my” oven. I learned to make cupcakes and bread and pies and cakes and brownies and anything else I could get in that little door. It’s one of many things that I remember so vividly. She was a fantastic cook and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn a few things, even by osmosis from her. So yeah, I think of my grandma anytime I make a recipe like this. She would’ve made this for my grandpa – and he would’ve eaten every drop and told her how amazing it was and how she knew exactly how to make everything he loved……

It’s not a recipe for everyone….but if you’re interested feel free to ask – I’ll always share a good recipe.

Happy Cooking.


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