Social Media Gone Wild


I have discovered Pinterest. I had noticed recently several of my friends on Facebook making posts about “pinning” something and being the inquisitive person I am…I Googled it. I found the website and nosed around until I more or less understood what it was about. Pinterest is a site where you create pin boards and place things on your boards in an effort to organize the things you love – not only for yourself but also to share with others thus expanding their virtual horizons. I wanted in.

Much to my dismay when I clicked the “join” tab I was redirected to a form screen where I was to enter my email address in order to be placed on the waiting list. The waiting list?!?! Seriously?? While this frustrated me because I was ready to get pinning, I must admit that the suspense made me want to be a part of it even more. So after adding my email address to list of unknown length I went back to the home page and wistfully looked at all the great ideas I was at present unable to pin to my yet uncreated pin boards.

I have been checking my email diligently (every few hours) for a little over a week now. Today I hit pay dirt! My inbox had a message from Pinterest with the subject heading “Your Invitation”. Woohoo!! I’m a little uncertain as to the screening process for who gets an invitation. I envision background checks and cross-referencing with the no-fly list but in actuality it’s probably more like, “hey, it’s been a week…let the poor chick in. We’ve built the suspense up long enough.” At any rate….the invitation was mine.

I quickly followed the link provided in my message – invitations deserve a timely response after all. After entering all of my pertinent information I clicked the tab “link to Facebook.” There were only two choices….Facebook and Twitter….Twitter I do not have – or at least I didn’t. I’m redirected to another page to allow the app to run on my Facebook page. I had ALMOST hit the button when I noticed the fine print. If I allowed the app then Facebook would automatically update to the new timeline thing. I don’t want the timeline feature. I have checked out the pages of some of my friends who have updated to the new thing. I’m not a fan. I can’t seem to navigate the posts, the photos look weird to me…it’s just not to my liking. *sigh

Backpage to the sign up screen. Seems Twitter is my only other option. Let me say upfront that I see nothing wrong with Twitter. I just have not personally been drawn to use it. I have 300+ friends on Facebook and I actually talk with about 20 of them on a regular basis. I can’t imagine that I would have that many “followers”. Plus quite frankly I don’t have that many interesting things to say. At least not that many that need to be said in real-time. Most of my wittiness happens after I’ve had a bit of time to consider things…. And it seems like Twitter gets celebrities in trouble all of the time. I certainly don’t need any more drama in my life. Furthermore, I don’t understand all of the little symbols that are used in Twitter…. the “@” and “#”…. But I really wanted to create my virtual pin boards.

Cue the Twitter homepage. After creating a username – one with zero creativity I might add as it was the computer generated idea – I was guided to a page where I had to select things to “follow” in order to continue on with the sign-up process. I did this although I had no clue what I was doing. I had one friend that I knew for a fact used Twitter – I found him and “followed” him, but other than that….I now follow Jimmy Fallon, Pink, Ellen DeGeneres and Dana Holgorsen (WVU football coach). Whatever that means.

Back to Pinterest I go and choose the link to my Twitter option. All goes smoothly and I’m quickly up and running in my little world of virtual pin boards with a myriad of ideas to choose from. I can see that this new hobby will have to be closely monitored. I kinda wish it had a “parental control” tab where I could set a time limit on usage. I forsee much wasted time in my future.

So now I’m connected…..I suppose I should probably put the app for Twitter on my iPhone….that would be the next step. But I sure am linked in – quite possibly too much so.

But for now if you want to find me here ya go:

Twitter= @LCayanus        Facebook = Leslie Cayanus       Pinterest =  irishwifemom

I’ll try to think of something clever and witty to say.


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