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When Is Enough Enough?


The “state of our union” has me profoundly distraught. I don’t say this lightly. Every morning I read through the current news articles and every morning my faith in humanity lessens a bit more than the day before. There are so many things that I don’t understand why and/or how they could be happening. There are things that I vehemently oppose. And sometimes, albeit rarely, there are things that make my heart smile. I wish there more of those. The biggest issue that I struggle with is my inability to make a difference. I want to help change things. I want to make the world a better, fairer, more accepting, understanding, tolerable world – and I simply don’t have the platform from which to do it. So I write.

*Spoiler Alert* I’m going to write my opinion on some issues….some of which are very sensitive. If you are offended, feel free to stop reading. I will not apologize for my opinions. Likewise, I will not attempt to force them on you. But I will state them with the hopes that readers are intelligent persons capable of understanding the method of healthy debate. Differing opinions are both normal and constructive – disrespect for someone’s opinions is in contrast both unproductive and destructive. So here we go……

Issue #1: Should welfare and/or unemployment recipients be drug tested?

Yes I believe so BUT not for many of the reasons that have been offered. Basically I think it comes down to a simple comparison – if a potential employee has to be drug tested to go to work then likewise a person receiving unemployment benefits should have the same standards. If you can not pass a drug test to go to work then you have effectively taken yourself out of the potential employment pool. I think it’s difficult to justify benefits going to someone in that instance. Welfare recipients are a bit trickier. While I still have a core belief that there is nothing inherently wrong or invasive about being drug tested to receive government assistance I do think we need to be careful and not stereotype welfare recipients as substance abusers. Being poor does not equate being a substance abuser.With all of that said, I also believe that if a person is in need of government assistance and is indeed a substance abuser, then that person needs assistance just of an alternative type. If we ignore those in need who are also addicts then what does that accomplish? They are no less human because they suffer from addiction. The cycle won’t be broken without some help.

Issue #2: Should ex-cons lose the benefit of a clean slate upon release?

No no no. How can we ever expect ex-convicts to succeed with things the way they are?? We set them up to fail and then shake our heads and wonder why recidivism rates are high. Let’s think about this. What is expected of someone – anyone really – to be considered successful? Not wealthy – successful. 1.) A place to live 2.) Transportation 3.) Appropriate clothing 4.) Employment 5.) Child care 6.) Education (although this is debatable) Ok, now let’s pretend for just a minute that we are being released from prison. It doesn’t matter what the crime was, it only matters that we’ve been in prison. Now, we walk out the prison gates and we immediately begin searching for housing. We can’t rent a place because we have to check the box that denotes a criminal past. So, we decide that for at least the time being we will move in with an aunt/sister/cousin etc.. But, after she says “of course” she finds out that we can’t stay there because again, no ex-cons are allowed to reside in the building. We have no money so we can’t buy a vehicle. We have no job so we can’t get a loan for a vehicle. We have no job so we can’t get a loan for a home. We have no money so we aren’t appropriately dressed for job interviews. If we do manage to get an interview, we have to check the criminal box which makes us more or less unemployable. We can’t get a job. We can’t afford child care…we don’t have a job. We can’t afford to go back to school….whether it is for a GED or for a college education….because we don’t have a job. This is a vicious cycle – every single thing that is required to be successful is roadblocked for a person released from prison. Where do we think this will cause them to end up? Will they eventually re-offend? Oftentimes yes. Not always, some are lucky…… And yet we (the governmental “we”) can’t understand why anyone would re-offend and write them off to being “bad eggs.” This thinking is ridiculous. When all avenues for success are blocked we are setting them up to fail.

Issue #3: Should women receive equal pay for equal work?

Um…it saddens me that this must be discussed. So as of today, on average, women make .77 cents for every $1 made by men in the same position. In my state the average is a little lower and other states are lower still. But this is the average. How is this still an issue? Research by the US Census Bureau shows that there are roughly 5 million more women than men in the US. The median annual earnings for women who worked year-round full-time in 2010 was $36,931 which showed no change from 2009. More women have high school diplomas (including equivalents), associates, bachelors and masters degrees than do men. Men are ahead in the professional and doctoral degrees (US Census Bureau, 2012). So, there are more women, and the women are generally more educated yet the men still make more money. BUT let me add this: the WHITE men make more money. While sex is a major factor it is not the only one. Race is just as important to this discussion. Here’s a breakdown of the 2010 median annual earnings from the same research: White Men = $44,200, White Women = $35,568. Black Men = $32,916, Black Women = $30,784. Hispanic Men = $29,129, Hispanic Women = $26, 416. So while generally speaking women are earning less than men, in reality anyone who is not a white man is earning less – in the same position having the same or more education. How is this acceptable? Yet somehow, white men are still being overwhelming elected to political offices. And no, I’m not a minority. Well….I AM a woman, but I’m white. Sex and Race have no business factoring in to wages. Equal pay for equal work. End of story.

Issue #4: Does government belong in the bodies of women?

This for me is an infuriating issue. How dare a government official, a legislature, a politician, a lobbyist etc. tell me what I can and cannot do with my body!!! I had a “Facebook discussion” today with someone who is of a member of the anti-choice side of the debate. It was an interesting discussion. I will say here, as I said to him that I believe a person can be both anti-abortion and pro-choice at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive. If woman “A” makes the personal choice to never have an abortion no matter what the circumstances that does not mean that woman “B” should not be afforded the opportunity to make her own decision. In other words, just because you wouldn’t ever have an abortion doesn’t mean that you should be allowed to tell someone else that they can’t. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT advocating for abortion. I AM advocating for choice. What is the right choice for one is not necessarily the right choice for another. In the same vein it is completely inappropriate for a government to regulate whether or not a woman has access to birth control. Just this week Mississippi governor Phil Bryant is covertly slipping in legislation through the “backdoor” that will ban birth control, infertility treatments and all abortions without exception. So, by his standards since the time I was 11 years old (when I began menstruating) I was fair game to give birth. Yes, I know that’s extreme….but….let’s just say for the sake of argument that when I was 12 I had been raped and from that rape I became pregnant. According to Governor Bryant’s legislation I would be required to go through with the pregnancy – at 12. Of course, I guess it could be even more dramatic….if the same thing happened and I had lived in Georgia and by some twist of fate I miscarried….well then I could be prosecuted as a murderer. Yes that’s right….legislation in Georgia is currently working toward miscarriage as murder. Not abortion….miscarriage…… One particular instance was reported: A pregnant woman was told that her baby was going to be born with severe handicaps that most likely would not be overcome and that the mortality chance of the baby was extremely low. Her doctor advised her to abort the pregnancy. She and her husband chose to proceed with the pregnancy anyway. She gave birth and shortly thereafter, sadly the baby did pass away. Six months later police arrived at the couple’s home and arrested the woman, the charges were unclear as to murder or manslaughter, but she was being charged in the death of her child. So a couple who chose to complete a pregnancy and most likely were hoping against all odds that their baby would survive, not only must grieve the loss of their child but the mother must now face criminal prosecution. Does anyone else see the plethora of problems here?

Decisions regarding a woman’s health should be left to the woman and her physician. What’s next….the government legislating whether I can get a tattoo or not??

Issue #5: Should we blame the President for the bad things happening in our country?

Absolutely not. And I say this regardless of who the president is and regardless of what political party they herald from. When it comes right down to it, the president doesn’t have that much power. It’s the House and Senate who control things. The president can’t get anything done without their support. God himself would have trouble passing a bill through the House and Senate. It’s easy to blame the president but it’s not an accurate accusation. Each president inherits the problems from the past. Blame cannot be laid at the feet of one individual.

Something has to change. Our lawmakers don’t listen to what the people want. They vote the way they want; whether that be because of lobbyist urgings or personal agenda. They have been elected to represent us! Yet, they do not. I have a very specific example of this: I signed a petition for my township to my representative stating that we wanted treatment for Autism to be covered by insurance. The petition had overwhelming support. After the election, I received an email from my representative telling me how much he appreciated and valued my opinion but that he had chosen to not support the legislation. And yes, I realize that I’m only one….but I wasn’t only one in this instance….I was one of many. The legislation indeed passed….with no help from the representative of my township.

Our laws need serious review. New laws should be introduced in a single fashion. No doubling or tripling up. Vote on one item at a time. Too often are laws put in place or conversely voted down because of an addendum to the bill that frequently has nothing to do with the main issue. But, voting yes for one would mean voting yes for something else, or vice versa. Vote on one thing at a time. These representatives are being paid healthy salaries to represent and vote. Yes….it may take a little longer to vote on everything. So what? Get over it. You signed up for the job – now do it.

Likewise, let’s get all of these old supremely out-dated laws off the books. Here are some interesting laws still on the books in my state of Michigan:

1. A woman isn’t allowed to cut her hair without her husband’s permission.

2. It is legal for a robber to file a law suit if he/she got hurt in your house.

3. Any person over the age of 12 may have a license for a handgun as long as they have no felony convictions. 12???

4. It is illegal for a man to scowl at this wife on Sunday.

*sigh* Do you see my point here? There are so many outdated ridiculous laws that are still on the books that if someone really wanted to use them, they could.

I don’t pretend to have the answers to all of these issues. But, I do know that something needs to happen. We can no longer sit by and do nothing. Regardless of our biological makeup or the color of our skin or our religious backgrounds we all deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. Our opinions matter. We pay taxes, we vote, we deserve better than this.

We deserve better.


Lestat in Detroit


I overheard a conversation the other day that involved a group discussing who their favorite book character was. There was much debate and being as I was on a college campus some of the responses were very intellectual – and probably not their true favorite character – but at any rate it got me to thinking. First, I tried to decide who my actual favorite character would be – and that’s a tough choice. Almost too tough actually. There are so many that I love. But secondly, I began to think about what it would be like if said character came to life for a day – and of course I would be hanging out with them. But what would we do, what would it be like…..

After careful consideration of the hundreds of characters I’ve read about I chose The Vampire Lestat. This is a completely honest choice. I could’ve chosen an intellectual or a classic character….but hey….I kinda have a thing for vampires. The biggest issue I have with this choice is that Lestat has been brought to life on the big screen by a big actor. And, while I think Tom Cruise did an admirable job, the mental image I have of Lestat looks nothing like Cruise – and I prefer my version.

In Anne Rice’s books Lestat is compassionate. He loves him mom and protects her. He walks away from his best friend because he doesn’t want to harm him even though the separation hurts Lestat deeply. He’s charismatic and fights for good. He loves music and performing. He has a bit of an ego which makes him even more “human.” He cracks jokes yet has a very somber side as well. He’s intelligent and loves to read. And of course he’s fiercely handsome. He probably even likes to take long walks on the beach haha. Sounds like someone I would like to hang out with.

So if I spent a day with my version of Lestat what would we do?? He would need to experience the greasy deliciousness of McDonald’s. Maybe have a whiskey at my favorite pub. Take in a baseball game…… I really don’t know. Honestly, what would he consider fun? This is something I’m going to have to think about a bit more I believe. Because in writing this I realize that my ideas are pretty lame. There’s got to be things more exciting to do.

So, while I’m thinking of better ideas…… tell me who your favorite character is…..and how you would spend a day with them.

National Pet Owners Day


So today is National Pet Owners Day. I didn’t even know this day of recognition existed. Did you? I think, and I’m not certain, but I think that almost every day of the year is some type of “day” of recognition. I’m undecided if it’s a good thing or not – I guess if nothing else it keeps things interesting.

But anyway, this day got me to thinking about pets….the ones I’ve had over the years, my current pet and of course what I would own if I could have any pet in the world.

My first pet was a bird. Now don’t mistake “bird” with one that you would purchase in a pet store. No no, I didn’t have a parakeet or a finch or cute little lovebirds. Nope, I had a baby robin because you see it had fallen out of its’ nest during a storm and of course the mama was done with it at that point. I discovered it next to the tree in my grandparents’ backyard. My grandpa helped me collect it and we put it in a bingo hopper. And again, don’t confuse this hopper with the ones that are massively large industrial size hoppers that are for fire hall bingo nights. This was a little tiny thing, round….about the size of a large cantaloupe. And I named him Rupert; after the boy on Little House on the Prairie that at the time I suppose I thought was really cute. Anyway, I fed Rupert with a medicine dropper and rather quickly he graduated to needing worms and such. I was never a very squeamish little girl so I handled that okay. But, it wasn’t all that long until Rupert was big enough to fly and my grandpa told me I needed to let him go. Admittedly, for a little girl who loved her bird, that day sucked. But Rupert quickly took off, strong and healthy and I was a wee bit proud too. I felt like I had saved him from certain death.

Not terribly long after Rupert went back to the wild I decided I really wanted a kitten. I think I wanted one because I was a girl and all of my other girlfriends wanted or had kittens. Kittens kind of seem to be the girly pet right? Soft and cuddly, cute little faces, low maintenance……. So  my parents (who are NOT cat people) eventually gave in and brought me the cutest little gray kitty with big eyes and a bushy tail. I honestly don’t know if it was a girl or a boy. But I do know this. I was terrified. At first I was so excited….and I found some string because that’s what kittens play with on all the television shows I had seen. So I get this string and I begin to walk around the house. The kitten (who hadn’t even been given a name yet) began chasing the string. Except you see I thought the kitty was chasing ME and I didn’t put it together that it was the string it was after. And well….the kitty coming after me with what I knew were sharp little claws on those sweet little paws gave me a fright. So I walked faster….and the kitty chased faster….and then I ran…..and the kitty ran….and then I jumped onto the sofa screaming that the devil kitty wouldn’t stop chasing me and I was crying and……well… didn’t get much better from there. I believe the kitty resided in our home for about 4 hours until we begged my grandma to take it in. She did of course and the kitty turned out to be quite docile and lazy with very little remnant of the devil kitty visible.

Over the next several years I had dogs. I did much better with them even though they are high energy, nippy, barky, high maintenance pets. Go figure. But I’ve had Benji, a Yorkshire Terrier (holy cow those little things can yip for hours!) and I had Ruff, a Llewellyn Setter (he was a bird dog). My dad wanted to use Ruff for grouse hunting in addition to him being a family pet. That was fine with me because honestly my dad didn’t hunt very often so I figured Ruff’s services wouldn’t be needed very much. But, he still had to be trained. And really, even though we were training the dog I think my dad was really using it as a ruse to wear me out so that I would go to bed early and sleep late that summer. You see, in order to teach Ruff to “fetch the birdie” my dad would throw the fabric “bird”, Ruff would point as was his inherent nature to do, but then we had to teach him to go get the bird GENTLY and retrieve it for my dad. Yeah….so I had to run all over the yard with the dog in tow, and teach him to gingerly pick up the bird and take it back. It took days and days. Now, it makes sense to me now that it took so long. Dog training doesn’t happen overnight, but oh my goodness, I was convinced my dad was punishing me for something that I didn’t know he knew about or for something that he thought I may do in the future. But, I did get in top physical condition that summer and I had a fantastic tan.

As an adult I’ve had my share of pets. I outgrew my nonsensical fear of cats and I’ve had quite a few now. Some I paid for and others were strays that my kids brought home. I’ve had Plato, Socrates, Cloud, Barbie, Hank and Oreo. The kids have had hamsters and fish and the occasional turtle. And I’ve had 2 Labrador Retrievers; Storm, a black Lab and Brie, my chocolate. Now we have Stella, our shelter pup. She’s a Shiba Inu/Collie mix and she just turned 4.

I truly love all of the animals I’ve had but I can’t help but dream of owning some exotic pets.  Like a monkey/gorilla/chimp…..gorillas are one of my most favorite animals. They are so smart and human like and they’re just beautiful. Yes, I know they are dangerous and that owning one is not a good idea….I’m just saying….they’re really really cool. And, I’ve always wanted to adopt a manatee. They have those programs where you send money and they send you a photo of a manatee that you are supposedly supporting. I’ve never been able to convince my hubby that it’s a good plan….but manatees are cute. They look like squishy crescent rolls that swim. And recently I saw photos of these baby hippos. Have you seen these guys? Oh my gosh they are adorable. I even think the pot-bellied pigs are kinda cool.

I only have one creature that absolutely can NOT under any circumstances live in my home AND I like to pretend they aren’t even anywhere near my home…..snakes. Can’t do it. I am terrified. The scenario with the kitten when I was 5?……magnify that times a million, add in a panic attack followed by a fatal heart attack and that’s what you would get if you paired me with a snake. TERRIFIED. I don’t even do well looking at pictures of snakes in books. I realize that my fear may be a wee bit irrational – but I don’t care. It is what it is. At least I can admit that there’s something I’m really afraid of.

So tell me….on this National Pet Owners Day, what have been some of your favorite pets? And, what are some odd ones that you would own if you could?

Out of This World


Have you ever dreamed of traveling into space?

On this day in 1981, the Space Shuttle Columbia was first launched. Is this something we even think about anymore?

I’ll be honest. I don’t. I have no desire to go into space, I don’t want to have to eat food that looks like rocks in a bag, I don’t want to have to use the restroom in space….I can only imagine what that would be like. Imagine if, as a woman, it just so happened that the space trip coincided with your Aunt Mary’s monthly visit. Seriously…you know it would work out that way…..don’t periods always show up right in the middle of vacations?? I can’t imagine a jaunt into space would be any different. The logistics of that ordeal is just too much for me. I’ll pass.

This made me think about all of the people who have already booked their seat on the Virgin Galactic shuttle that Sir Richard Branson is heading up. The last I read about it you could reserve your spot for $200,000. I suppose that’s not terrible considering the Russian program was charging $25 million. But here’s the kicker: a citizen astronaut will only need 3 days of training before they venture into the great unknown. 3 DAYS!!!! This seems absurd to me! Being an astronaut was something little kids used to dream of being when they grew up – something the required loads of smarts and education – at least a little more than 3 days worth. Forgive me, but I tend to be a wee bit skeptical that the appropriate knowledge can be imparted in 3 short days.

And, I mean absolutely no disrespect when I say this, but we don’t have a stellar record when it comes to shuttle flights. What with explosions and faulty take-offs and problematic landings…..I mean really…..and those folks had years of training!!

I’m curious – would you want to travel into space? If so, why?

I’ll admit the pictures are really cool but as for me, I believe I’ll stay where gravity rules.

Golf Is For Women Too




I really enjoy playing golf. Well….ok…..honestly I enjoy it most of the time. When I’m playing like crap, I’ve swung what feels like 9 million times through 15 holes, I’ve lost pricey pink balls and gotten my cute shoes dirty I don’t like it so much. But still, most of the time I have fun.

It’s nice that at every club we have gone to play, I am allowed to actually play. Because I am after all a woman.

So what is the deal with Augusta National? Seriously. It’s 2012.

I don’t know if you follow golf at all or are familiar with the traditions that surround some clubs. But right now there’s a whole lot of hoopla about one particular issue. Women.

Here’s the thing: IBM is one of the major sponsors of the Master’s which is of course held at Augusta National. For nearly 30 years now the CEO of IBM has been granted a membership to the exclusive club. Now comes the snafu……the current CEO is a woman. Oh no!!(please note my sarcasm)

I can appreciate wanting to preserve the sanctity of a private country club. I get that club members want to be in a peaceful setting where they feel comfortable. I even understand that the members pay dues and therefore are entitled to some benefits. But discrimination should not be one of them.

Not until 1990 was the first African-American member allowed to join. 1990!!!! The Civil Rights Movement began around 1954. I’ve never been good at math but that kinda seems like a long time to continue the discrimination against having black members. There’s even a Civil Rights Act of 1964 that says so.

Okay, so now Augusta National has been forced to allow African-Americans as members but they missed the memo about women.

Why is it that these men are so threatened by the presence of a woman? Did you see the sign in the picture that CNN reported? It shows a demonstration by women regarding the discrimination against us and there’s a fellow…a lovely little fellow (please note sarcasm), holding a sign in the midst of these women that reads “Iron My Shirts.” Yes really, that is indeed what it says.

So back to what prompted me to write about this. Virginia Rometty is IBM’s current CEO. She has been listed as one of Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” for SEVEN consecutive years. When Sam Palmisano stepped down as President and CEO of IBM he made a statement regarding Rometty’s promotion saying, “Ginni got it because she deserved it…..It’s got zero to do with progressive social policies” (New York Times, October 25, 2011). Ms. Rometty is clearly not the “token” woman on the board of directors…..she is excellent at what she does. She has earned her position and recognition in the business world.

I was enraged when upon reading an article about how “interesting” it would be to see what the club does with this new dilemma my eyes couldn’t help but scan the comments readers had posted. The one that made the angriest was this: “Some 1% bitch buys her way in. Excuse me while I gag….”

I typed a lengthy response to the obviously enlightened commenter (yes, that’s sarcasm) but then deleted it. My guess is he’ll never look at the article again, much less have any type of rebuttal that is worth listening to. But here are my responses to his comment in a nutshell.

1. She is not “some”….she is “the” woman. At least at IBM she is anyway.

2. Is she a part of the 1%? Yes, she most likely is; just like all the other members of Augusta National. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Lou Holtz are also members. Funny how he didn’t mention them in his rant.

3. The “bitch” comment. Maybe she is. But, she just may be the nicest woman you’ve ever met. As was noted in a conversation I was having earlier today (not about this subject funny enough), there is no real male equivalent to bitch. For the purpose of this argument I’m going to use prick. My guess is that a few of the current members could be described that way. Of course to be fair, the men most likely won’t achieve the same level of “prickishness” that she could be capable of because she does in fact menstruate. And we all know that women are out of control once a month (so much sarcasm).

4. Buys her way in?? Seriously? She’s the President and CEO of a major worldwide company. The same company that has been granted a membership privilege for said position for 30 years now. I could be wrong but I kinda doubt that when she earned her promotion that she said, “YES, finally, NOW I can be a member of Augusta.” I really just don’t equate buying your way in with merit. I just don’t.

5. Excuse me while I gag???? Yes I suppose the idea of fair and equal treatment of all human beings is sickening to some. There’s really nothing else to say about that.

To wrap this up, here is what I hope. I hope that Augusta National does the right thing here. It should have been done a long time ago but late is better than never. In my opinion women like Hillary Clinton and Pat Summitt should have been invited to join years ago. Women love to golf too yet there are no female only golf clubs because of course THAT would be unconstitutional.

Extend membership to Virginia Rometty, just like every other IBM CEO for the past 30 years. Do the right thing Augusta National, just do the right thing.



On this day in 1973, on the streets of New York City the first cell phone call was made. This little piece of trivia got me to thinking…..

I have been under the impression that cell phones were a basically modern (by this I mean rather current) invention. In 1973 I had not yet been born, and on this date in 1973 I had not even been conceived (too much information??). I can assure you that at my age I would not be considered “modern” or “current” so this really changes my thinking about cell phones. Did you have any idea they were created in 1973??

I remember when mobile phones were first being marketed for public use. The big excitement stemmed around being able to make a phone call from your vehicle. During the late 1980s my parents decided that my grandpa needed a mobile phone. He was a civil engineer, still traveling and doing surveying work but was aging and had really serious heart problems. I’m sure my parents saw it as a safety precaution. My grandpa could call for help if he needed it. The phone they ended up buying for him was similar to this one:

Except… was in a bag? Do any of you remember those? It came in a leather zippered pouch and you had to plug it into the cigarette lighter (which I don’t think are even in vehicles anymore). This sucker weighed 2 or 3 pounds. It was a monster. And, I don’t know that he ever used it. Ever.

It’s funny and a little scary how much the phones have evolved over the last 25 years. Now I have one of these:

And this isn’t the newest version on the market. It slides into my pocket, has a forever long battery life and surfs the internet.

I will be the first to admit that I love my cell phone. We don’t even have a land line anymore. We eliminated that bill. I love being able to check the weather and surf the net. I play games and text and send emails. I make to-do lists and grocery lists and lists of gift ideas.

But here’s the thing. Every so often, when I’m reminiscing about my life growing up I miss the time of being “unplugged.” I miss not feeling like I have to update my status or tweet something clever every time I leave my house. I enjoyed the days when talking to someone meant actually talking – with real words – spoken ones. Not texts or tweets or updates or messages or emails.

So, I think I’m going to adopt one day a week that is “unplugged.” Granted, it’s not going to be easy. I’m just as addicted to my little portable Google machine as everyone else is. But I’m going to give it a shot. My hope is that maybe my family can connect a little more closely; that maybe we can shut out the noise and the nonsense and the hectic pace even for just a few hours. Have any of you done this? Did it work? Did you pull it off? Is it liberating? I’m thinking that it will be.

Plus….I think my grandpa would like it.

Canine Doppelgangers


So, if you were a dog, what breed would you be??

There’s an old saying that dog owners tend to look similar to their beloved pets. Have you heard that or is it just me? I’m not certain how true it is but I will admit that I’ve seen photos of celebrities with their pooches and sometimes the similarities are uncanny. Take for example some of these comparisons:

Russell Brand and a Standard Poodle

Brad Pitt and a Miniature Schnauzer

Kristen Stewart and a Sussex Spaniel

And my personal favorite………

Donald Trump and a puppy with bad hair

Seriously, is that not the cutest comb-over you’ve ever seen??

And this is not about being judgmental at all. I think this is cute. And I’m not above calling myself out. Here’s the pup I think most resembles me:

Irish Water Spaniel

Crazy curly hair, rather sad eyes…..she looks unamused and as if she has a bit of a temper.

The thing that concerns me most is the part of the saying that goes…..”owners tend to look like their pets”. We all have a doppelganger out there somewhere – I saw Henry Winkler aka “The Fonz’s” not too long ago. And I guess it stands to reason that we have animal versions as well. I’m not so certain that we actually end up owning them though.

I mean, our dog is cute but she bears no resemblance to me. She looks a  lot like a wolf and if you look at the above picture I think you will agree that if I consider myself similar to that dog that a wolf would not be a reflection of me.

So anyway….I’m interested. Does your pet look like you? Or do you know someone who resembles their pet? Post a picture on here….show me. I want to know.