Lestat in Detroit


I overheard a conversation the other day that involved a group discussing who their favorite book character was. There was much debate and being as I was on a college campus some of the responses were very intellectual – and probably not their true favorite character – but at any rate it got me to thinking. First, I tried to decide who my actual favorite character would be – and that’s a tough choice. Almost too tough actually. There are so many that I love. But secondly, I began to think about what it would be like if said character came to life for a day – and of course I would be hanging out with them. But what would we do, what would it be like…..

After careful consideration of the hundreds of characters I’ve read about I chose The Vampire Lestat. This is a completely honest choice. I could’ve chosen an intellectual or a classic character….but hey….I kinda have a thing for vampires. The biggest issue I have with this choice is that Lestat has been brought to life on the big screen by a big actor. And, while I think Tom Cruise did an admirable job, the mental image I have of Lestat looks nothing like Cruise – and I prefer my version.

In Anne Rice’s books Lestat is compassionate. He loves him mom and protects her. He walks away from his best friend because he doesn’t want to harm him even though the separation hurts Lestat deeply. He’s charismatic and fights for good. He loves music and performing. He has a bit of an ego which makes him even more “human.” He cracks jokes yet has a very somber side as well. He’s intelligent and loves to read. And of course he’s fiercely handsome. He probably even likes to take long walks on the beach haha. Sounds like someone I would like to hang out with.

So if I spent a day with my version of Lestat what would we do?? He would need to experience the greasy deliciousness of McDonald’s. Maybe have a whiskey at my favorite pub. Take in a baseball game…… I really don’t know. Honestly, what would he consider fun? This is something I’m going to have to think about a bit more I believe. Because in writing this I realize that my ideas are pretty lame. There’s got to be things more exciting to do.

So, while I’m thinking of better ideas……..you tell me who your favorite character is…..and how you would spend a day with them.


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  1. I saw your image of Lestat on the WordPress homepage and I ran over because I was reminded of how much I LOVED that character. Great choice! I would need some time to think of another one, and now since I’m all distracted by Lestat, that may take a while…lol

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