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This Girl Has Been Busy


yarnI haven’t written anything in awhile and for my faithful readers, I apologize. But, I have a really good reason – I promise!

I’ve opened a home-based business. Try not to let your eyes roll too far back in your head. I KNOW people try these things all the time and they rarely seem to work out – but I really believe I can do this. Plus, I’m gaining some fantastic little tidbits to share with everyone along the way that are sure to make you laugh and shake your head. So…..win win.

I’ve tried my hand at direct selling opportunities – and they were good, legitimate opportunities. But here is what I’ve found. To get started, to get that base of clients that will spread the word about you and will buy a few things here and there in the very beginning, you HAVE to know people. You have to have some friends. You need at least a small network of folks that will support you as you get started. Full disclosure – I don’t fall into that group. I’m a bit of a loner. Other than my immediate family, I have ONE friend that I hang out with from time to time. Now, I don’t say this in an effort to garner sympathy because I’m just fine this way, but I say it to illustrate the fact that any business opportunity that requires me to have friends hold parties or whatnot are just not gonna work for me.

So, I decided to go a different route. Early last Fall I picked up a new hobby; I started crocheting. I love it and I’ve picked it up really quickly and my stuff looks awesome! Who knew I had a natural talent for something like that. Anyway, after making the obligatory scarves and whatnot for people for Christmas – I’m pretty sure those are the required gifts for folks on your first crocheting Christmas – I have since delved into more extensive projects. I’m making baby blankets, full-size blankets, and all kinds of different bags….market bags, tote bags, boho bags….you get the picture.

I love it so much and the projects are turning out so lovely that I decided to offer them up for sale. Now, here’s the first little tidbit that may make you chuckle. You see, I needed a platform; some method of sharing my product with the public. So, I’ve started a Facebook page and I’ve opened an Etsy shop. I LOVE these options because for people like me who are friendship challenged it’s a fantastic way for people to see what you have to offer. But, I needed to put my products into a category – and well, I’m never good at labeling. I don’t like pigeonholing anything into one category. Yeah yeah, I know…..come on, it’s a product for sale how hard could it be….but really, is a blanket  home decor, or is it home furnishings? And are bags accessories, or personal items, or household products? See…it’s really not so easy.

Anyway – I managed to get my products into categories but here is the awesome thing that I discovered: I AM A FIBER ARTISAN!!!!

All this time I thought I was just a lady that really enjoyed making things and had decided to sell some of them to other people who would enjoy using them – stuff out of yarns and fabrics and whatnot. I had no idea there was an actual name for what I do! So, I’m stoked….I feel like I have an actual title instead of, “yeah, my mom stays home.” Because seriously, it’s not like I’m doing nothing all day. My little fingers are going like wildfire. I just have the cool benefit of having a couple dogs, a tv, and a super relaxed dress code in my office.

So, as I said in the beginning – I apologize for not writing sooner and I promise I will do a better job about it now that I’ve got somewhat of a system worked out. I have a feeling that I’m going to have loads of interesting stories to share with you about this new adventure. In the meantime, feel free to check out my little shop on social media. I’d like nothing more than to make something lovely for you – and who knows, maybe I’ll even make a few friends in the process!

I hope all of you are doing something that makes you happy. Tell me – what do you do? Do any of  you have experience in this online business world? I’d love to hear any advice you have.

Talk to you soon!

Leslie – FIBER ARTISAN 😉 and owner of Detroit Temper & Yarn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Detroit-Temper-Yarn-by-Leslie/878793718832714

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DetroitTemperandYarn?ref=hdr_shop_menu